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Environmental Compliance Inc. (ECI)
Worldwide Experience

Environmental Compliance, Inc (ECI) is a full service environment and health & safety (EH&S) company providing diversified expertise worldwide. ECI is a women owned business with corporate offices near Buffalo, New York. ECI EH&S services specialize in providing strategic corporate compliance and strategy development, engineering evaluation of least-cost compliance alternatives, government agency negotiations, facility regulatory compliance, and implementation of least-cost-alternatives (turnkey projects). ECI has saved more money ($) for our clients than our clients have paid for ECI services; in fact ECI clients have a ten fold return on their investment in ECI services. This is a statement that few if any full service EH&S companies can make.

ECI has provided serves as follows:

  • Engineering process and least cost regulatory compliance evaluations;
  • Turnkey services for design, engineering, permitting, and construction of petroleum and chemical bulk storage systems, bio-cells, wastewater treatment systems, and air and water monitoring systems;
  • Title V and state facility air permits and registrations including developed software for and filed annual air emission inventories for Title V permitted facilities and developed BACT, MACT, and RACT documentation;
  • Stack test guidance, protocol development, and oversight activities;

  • Carbon footprint analysis;

  • Greenhouse Gas Reporting and Monitoring Plans;
  • Indoor air quality and personnel monitoring;

  • Dose/Exposure Assessment and Pathway Analysis;

  • Phase I, II, and III Audits including evaluations of facility on-going process operations;
  • Acquisition due diligence, equipment cost/worth evaluation, and environmental compliance needs and cost analysis;

  • EPA, OSHA, NRC, or State compliance document development;

  • Vehicle and fleet emissions testing and studies;

  • Ground water, storm water, and well monitoring;

  • RCRA facility investigation (RFI) and solid waste management unit (SWMU) activities;

  • Site and SWMU stabilization/remediation activities including design, specifications, cost estimates, bid evaluations, and agency submittals;

  • Ammonia refrigeration compliance;

  • Waste water treatment systems design and operations;

  • Multi-pathway risk assessments;
  • Petroleum bulk storage (PBS) and chemical bulk storage (CBS) inspection certifications, permits, upgrades and remediation;
  • SPDES/NPDES water discharge permits;
  • Form-R and Tier II reports including Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) and Contingency Plan and Emergency Procedures documentation;
  • Spill Prevention Reports (SPR), Storm water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans, Process Safety Management (PSM), Risk Management Program (RMP), combined Process Risk Management (PRM), and Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) documentation;
  • Spill response management and oversight activities to mitigate environmental and human health impacts and filed appropriate agency(s) spill event documentation;
  • Negotiated order-on-consent, record of decision, and administrative order issues with lead agencies;

  • Developed and trained facility employees to comply with ISO14000 standards;
  • Evaluated environmental insurance to improve bottom-line corporate balance sheet numbers; and
  • Provided facility wide compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) standards that have been developed and published under Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations:
    • Fire Protection;
    • Forklifts;
    • Hazard Communication and Chemicals;
    • Spill Prevention;
    • Lockout/Tag-out;
    • Material Handling Equipment and Machine Guards;
    • Noise Control/Hearing Conservation;
    • Personal Protective Equipment;
    • Blood Borne Pathogens;
    • Respiratory Protection;
    • Portable Hand and Pedestal Tools;
    • Welding and Cutting; Fall Protection;
    • Material Handling;
    • Scaffold Safety; Stairways and Ladders;
    • Lead and Asbestos;
    • Indoor Air Quality;
    • Trenching and Excavation;
    • Slips and Fall Prevention/Walking and Working Surfaces;
    • Repetitive Motion/Ergonomics;
    • Electrical; and
    • Confined Space. 

ECI uses on-line information provided by the agency, experienced personnel, specialized personnel interview techniques and document review procedures, and a number of specialized checklists developed by ECI to assist the facility comply with appropriate regulations and standards including but not limited to the above referenced categories. ECI also develops and implements extensive facility specific training programs for the above referenced categories.

ECI also provides the following services:

  • Strategic Corporate Compliance:
    • Product Related EH&S Compliance Requirements;

    • Transactional Compliance & Due Diligence;

    • Security Exchange Commission Environment Filings;

    • Independent Cost Estimating; and

    • Expert Witness.

ECI provides the food/beverage industry with food safety and security services. In the United States, ECI's clients are easily recognized household brand names that have earned their reputation as leaders in the food and beverage industry supplying safe and secure products for family and pet consumption. ECI provides food safety and security services that incorporate all of the US Food and Drug Administration Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Operational Risk Management (ORM) Systems approach.The ORM system approach uses the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) while incorporating the US Department of Defense guidelines for food safety and security for military personnel against “Aggressors” (i.e., criminals, protesters, terrorists, subversives, and rogue or disgruntled insiders).

In China ECI supports US based food/beverage processors with supply chain hazard identification, risk assessment, analysis of risk control measures, control decisions, implementation of risk controls, and supervision/monitoring & review services.

In addition to EH&S services, ECI provides manufacturers with strategic guidance/services to enter numerous international markets and construct manufacturing facilities outside of the United States. ECI specializes in government agency negotiations; loan development and execution with international lending institutions; United States Trade Development Agency and United States Department of Commerce interaction and assistance (i.e., selling US manufactured equipment and products abroad and producing/manufacturing equipment, products, and parts internationally). These services include but are not limited to strategic planning, investigations & negotiations, merger & acquisitions, permits, certifications, licenses, attorney confidential documents, marketing & sales, engineering & construction, accounting, financial, human resources, and translation/communications.

ECI has successfully completed projects for numerous Fortune 500 Companies, small to mid size private companies, and municipalities. ECI has received numerous platitudes from clients based on confidential scopes of work developed and implemented by ECI and our clients. ECI has worked diligently to provide least-cost compliance for complex and interrelated regulations that encumber client processes and operations; making sure that the client is in compliance, but successfully negotiating conditions that allow flexibility in processes and operations to maintain financial sustainability.

International Services

ECI has experience worldwide. ECI personnel have extensive international experience covering the Asian Pacific Rim, Russia, South America, and the Middle East. ECI has extensive experience in the People’s Republic of China and Russia in regards to environmental and infrastructure project assessment for multilateral lending institutions.  ECI personnel have provided extensive project implementation services in China for international lending institution (i.e., World Bank and Asian Development Bank) projects totaling over $1.5 billion.  Specifically, ECI’s extensive understanding, knowledge, personal contacts, and affiliate offices within China are invaluable in bringing environmental and infrastructure projects and evaluation processes to a successful conclusion.

ECI is well known in The People’s Republic of China (Mainland China). ECI personnel have been providing services in China for 20 years. ECI is “Your Trusted Business Partner for China”.  Specific to China, ECI provides services to multinational companies that include food & beverage industry safety and security of supply chains and establishing & constructing manufacturing/processing facilities in China to serve markets within China and export to S.E. Asia, African, and Mid East markets from China.

ECI has received written accolades from the United States Trade Development Agency (USTDA) upon their review of ECI's extensive technical and financial analyses (i.e., USTDA reports) for support of US manufactured goods and products for sale and distribution in China. ECI has assisted US based manufacturers develop representative networks, design plant processes, and negotiate permits throughout China.

Client Working Relationship

ECI works closely with all of our clients. Since inception in 1998, ECI has maintained a working relationship with every client that has employed ECI (i.e., over 30 major corporations most of which are listed on the NY Stock Exchange, hospitals, and numerous government entities). ECI approaches all working relationships as a “Teaming Effort”. ECI firmly believes that dialog and effort from both ECI and the client make implementation of the scope of work successful; this is achieved through direct communications during preparation of proposals and kick-off meetings by establishing our client’s needs and their participation efforts.

ECI regards the work performed for a client to be confidential and owned by the client. With that stated, ECI has received a written grading document from the United States Trade Development Agency (i.e., public record) indicating excellence in performing a scope of work related to the People’s Republic of China. In addition, ECI has received numerous accolades from clients based on confidential scopes of work developed and implemented by ECI and the client.


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