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Environmental Evaluation & Forensics

Environmental Forensics, provides a forum for scientific investigations that address contamination within the environmental media of air, water, soil and biota, or other areas of human health related to the environment and is subject to law court, arbitration, public debate, or formal argumentation. Environmental Compliance, Inc. (ECI) offers scientific studies that:

  • Explore source, fate, transport and ecological effects of environmental contamination; with
  • Contamination being delineated in terms of chemical characterization, biological influence, responsible parties and legal consequences.

It is in this context ECI is developing environmental forensics as a specialization, leading to greater formal investigative methods that provide more definitive findings and less scope for experts to disagree. ECI has worked closely with many agencies to provide this specialization regarding environmental forensics in support of ECI client’s rights.

ECI has applied environmental forensics to a number of projects/cases. ECI has worked closely with attorney groups and clients to investigate how environmental anomalies have occurred that would potentially harm human health and the environment.

ECI’s investigations (i.e., environmental evaluations & forensics) of manufactured goods and products including food and beverages from China have assisted numerous agencies and clients identify potentially harmful manufacturing processes and components of goods and products shipped to the United States. ECI personnel have extensive experience in China and manufacturing processes used in China that are used solely in China. ECI personnel have evaluated thousands of manufacturing operations in China and through these evaluations fully understand practices and agency oversight used in China.

ECI provides environmental evaluations of on-going processes and operations to make sure they are compliant with appropriate regulations. ECI’s many industrial, food and beverage, and municipal clients regard ECI’s services to provide agency negotiations and interpretations of regulations a strength that few companies provide adequately.

ECI has contributed expertise to the federal multi-district litigation (MDL) for imported China drywall damage and liability claims. ECI has provided sample analysis and determination of potential issues incorporating the appropriate laboratories including but not limited to the Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology located within the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in Alfred, New York. ECI has exchanged relevant information with a number of agencies including the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Florida Department of Health to name a few. ECI has developed a report that identifies how (i.e., what laboratory analysis methods and protocols should be used) to determine if the dry wall has a potential for future problems. Recommendations were made in the report on how to standardize the laboratory analysis methods and protocols for more uniform determinations.



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