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Environmental Restoration

Environmental Compliance, Inc. (ECI) has provided clients with environmental restoration including but not limited to:

  • Turnkey projects (design, permitting, agency negotiations, excavation, and construction);
  • Remedial investigation;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Excavation and disposal; and
  • Final closure of underground storage tanks (USTs), above ground storage tanks, spills, and remediation efforts.

ECI works closely with clients, client attorneys, agencies, and contractors to provide successful environmental restoration services.

On a number of occasions/projects ECI personnel have been called in to rectify problems that have occurred on projects where ECI was not an initial participant. ECI personnel have completed environmental restoration projects started by other firms where involved parties required agency “No further action” letters. ECI has been very successful in obtaining appropriate documentation at least cost to our clients.

ECI worked closely with the client and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) on a site turnkey project where a remedial investigation of 30 bore holes/monitoring well was drilled and tested indicating contamination. Subsequently a NYSDEC spill number was assigned to the site. ECI designed the removal and remediation effort providing negotiations with the NYSDEC. ECI excavated and removed a gasoline UST and contaminated soils/water during the project. ECI provided sampling/analysis and excavation of contaminated soils and groundwater and their transportation and disposal in addition to the excavation/removal and disposal of the UST. The NYSDEC required the development of a Soil & Groundwater Management Plan that ECI authored and submitted to the NYSDEC on behalf of the client. The project concluded with a letter from the NYSDEC stating that the client required “No further action”.

ECI provided turnkey design, excavation, permitting, sampling/analysis, and closure for the environmental restoration of a former motor vehicle gasoline station and maintenance garage facility located in Tonawanda, New York. When a local company removed the consulting firm and contractor from this project they contracted with ECI to provide turnkey remediation and closure services and to obtain a “No further action required” letter from the lead agency. ECI excavated two (2) USTs (i.e., closure of the two USTs) and excavated over 300 tons of contaminated soils from the USTs and a oil/water separator that had overflowed during operations of the facility. ECI’s client was very pleased with the least-cost turnkey services that were provided by ECI during this successful project and the “No further action require” letter they received from the lead agency.

ECI provided turnkey design, excavation, permitting, sampling/analysis, and closure for the environmental restoration of a NYSDEC classified spill in Buffalo, New York. ECI excavated the spill site that had been identified through use of a magnetometer and borings/sampling. ECI excavated the area taking precautions not to undermine the building foundation that abutted the excavation area. ECI negotiated the sampling/analysis protocol with the NYDEC, interpreted the analytical results and received a “No further action” letter from the NYSDEC on behalf of ECI’s client.

ECI has provided a NYS facility (i.e., with petroleum contaminated soils from an UST) with bio-cell design, construction, operations & maintenance, and final disposition of the contaminated soils. The contaminated soils were discovered during an excavation project and the NYSDEC was notified and opened a spill investigation/number. ECI recognized the soils as fill from a foundry/steel production operation and site UST that may have leaked. The soils were highly contaminated with oil/solvents. ECI worked closely with the client and the NYSDEC to obtain on-site bio-cell design approval. ECI then provided the remediation project turnkey; supplying construction of the bio-cell and operations and maintenance of the bio-cell including sampling/analysis until the remediation effort was completed and the “spill” removed from the agency’s books. ECI provided all documentation for this “spill” remediation effort.

ECI completed a Chromium Encapsulation Project in the People’s Republic of China- Project No. 2002-30084A for the U.S. Trade and Development Agency.  ECI reviewed the technical, economical, financial, regulatory, and political aspects of applying a United States based chromium encapsulation technology/reagent to over 20 sites throughout China.  The chromium encapsulation reagent was proposed to neutralize large (i.e., 250,000 cubic meters in size) “mountains” of chromium contaminated by-product waste.  The treated by-product waste would prevent rainwater run-off and both surface and ground water chromium contamination.  ECI received praise and the highest marks on the Evaluation of Advisory and Assistance Procurement form filed by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency for the work performed on this project.  In addition, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency wrote: “The report took a very difficult subject and provided a clear recommendation to TDA based on the information provided.





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