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ECI provides legal support for attorneys and clients in a number of areas: environmental (US EPA and state & local areas), health physics & safety (OSHA related areas), due diligence (on-going domestic & international facility operations and merger & acquisition activities), product liability, and property transfers & audits to name just a few.  ECI has assisted numerous clients obtain appropriate operations related permits and comply with appropriate regulations and guidance. ECI has worked closely with operations personnel when a company has been issued an EPA or OSHA administrative order or violation.

ECI works closely with our clients to take a proactive approach for least-cost compliance using a strategically developed ECI/client approach for on-going facility operations. In addition, ECI has been called in on numerous occasions to rectify issues with various government agencies on behalf of a new client.

On a number of occasions ECI has provided process hazard analysis (PHA), risk management plans (RMP), and process safety management (PSM) documentation when with EPA or OSHA have issued administrative orders or violations of regulations for hazardous and toxic substances. ECI has worked with clients and their attorneys to provide adequate documentation where none existed and modify documentation when existing documents were not adequate according to the agencies.

ECI has provided technical responses (i.e., process or operations) for attorneys responding on behalf of their client that was issued an administrative order or violation. ECI has worked closely with clients and their attorneys and contractors to provide technical responses regarding administrative orders or violations and to provide viable engineering cost estimates, financial planning, and schedules to meet agency deadlines.

ECI has environmental acquisition due diligence, environmental mitigation, monitoring, and compliance capabilities in China. ECI has performed these aforementioned activities in Wuhan, Chengdu, and Shanghai for a $1.8 billion acquisition/merger for a private client that is listed as one of the top 100 largest companies worldwide.  ECI also identified reuse/resale alternatives of solid and semi-solid waste streams from facilities in China; something that is new to China industries. For these three facilities ECI provided due diligence evaluation of the physical facility, evaluated on-going operations for compliance with appropriate corporate environmental policies and Chinese regulations, and provided solid/industrial waste disposal recommendations based on facility records and existing operations. Both the seller and the acquiring company were pleased by the report that was supplied in Chinese and English.




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