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Alternative Fuels and Energy Cost Savings

ECI provides regulatory and technical support for performance contracts, energy audits, self-generation/peak shaving studies, and other energy reduction/conversion related projects and specializes in environmental compliance related to combustion by-products.

ECI provides the following services related to alternative fuels and energy cost savings:

  • Combustion engineering and emission software development, including carbon footprint and life cycle analysis;

  • Emission and energy reduction strategy development and implementation;

  • Emission and energy reduction research, pilot scale, and full process development and testing; and

  • Alternative fuels and energy evaluation and implementation.

Specifically, ECI’s air emissions compliance services are recommended by many equipment manufacturers and representatives for thermal treatment systems, boilers, stationary internal combustion engines or turbines that drive electrical generators, and fossil fuel and bio-mass combustion systems related to federal and state regulations.

ECI supports many of the performance contracts (i.e., guaranteed energy savings contracts) provided by third parties. In providing this support, ECI has performed environmental evaluations and compliance activities for New York State facilities related to fuel switching, self-generation, and energy reduction projects. In addition, ECI has performed energy and environmental evaluations to support Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection “Pollution Prevention/Energy Efficiency Site Assessment Grant Program”.

ECI has provided environmental compliance and permitting strategy development and implementation for facilities that either elect to construct and operate a new process or in some cases elect to have a third-party own and operate a new process. ECI has provided services that combine or separate permits (i.e., separate owner/operators with one permit or multiple separate permits). Many of these permits were for boilers, stationary internal combustion engines, or other combustion sources used to supply steam, hot water, and/or electricity to processing facilities. ECI has supported numerous projects that use renewable energy, bio-mass, or fossil fuels.

ECI has provided a number of clients with regulatory compliance and engineering expertise for installation of stationary internal combustion engines to operate generators and compressors. ECI has provided engineering analysis of air emissions, identified related impacts to facility permits, and provided guidance including cost estimates on specific technologies and equipment to reduce/mitigate air emissions. In addition, ECI is proficient in developing and implementing least cost compliance strategies to meet environmental regulations included in facility permit(s) that encumber the facility. This may include but not limited to sampling/analysis, report documentation, agency notification, and agency report filing.


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