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Life Cycle Analysis

Life Cycle Analysis is the investigation and valuation of the environmental impacts of a given product or service caused or necessitated by its existence.  This analysis is used to optimize the environmental performance of a company. Environmental Compliance, Inc. (ECI) has conducted Life Cycle Analysis for various clients and suggested recommendations to reduce the impact to the environment from their process.

ECI personnel have provided Life Cycle Analysis (Cradle- to- Grave) Assessment, collected data from manufacturers to identify “Use Phase” (i.e., Cradle) and “Disposal Phase” (i.e., Grave) of a product life cycle to assess environmental impacts. ECI provided strategies and recommendations to optimize the environmental performance of the company.

ECI works directly with our clients to determine what items to include in the life cycle analysis. ECI understands that there is no one method used worldwide to develop/determine a products life cycle. ECI has assisted in the development of policy and procedure for reducing the environmental impact of the product or service. ECI works directly with our clients to obtain grants/credits for reduction of costs to optimize the environmental performance of the company.

There are a number of variants to the Life Cycle Analysis which are as follows:

Cradle-to-grave:  This is the full life cycle assessment from the manufacturers “Use Phase” (i.e., Cradle) and “Disposal Phase” (i.e., Grave). All inputs and outputs are considered for all the phases of the life cycle.

Cradle–to-gate: This is a partial product life cycle from the manufacturers Use Phase (i.e., Cradle) to the factory gate before transport to the consumer. The use phase by the consumer and disposal phase of the product are not usually considered.

Gate-to-gate: This is a partial life cycle analysis looking at one process in the entire production chain.

Well-to-wheel:  This is a specific life cycle analysis of the efficiency of fuels used for road transportation.

ECI conducted a Life cycle analysis for textile products for a company that imported clothing and bedding. ECI evaluated the environmental impact from manufacturing of textiles overseas to transportation by cargo ship to the U.S. and then by railroad/car to the destination to the facilities in the United States.  ECI developed the life cycle analysis, the carbon footprint, and the impact to the environment for this client.

In addition, ECI has provided greenhouse gas emissions calculations for numerous private companies, municipal and government clients throughout the United States and world. ECI has conducted surveys for greenhouse gas emissions from potable water supply and wastewater treatment facilities throughout the United States. ECI has supplied the results of these surveys to the EPA for their consideration and potential inclusion in their carbon footprint/emissions determination program.


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