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Training Programs

Environmental Compliance Inc. (ECI) has developed and implemented numerous training programs regarding environmental and health & safety regulations and agency guidelines. ECI provides training for the following:

  • OSHA regulations and compliance for all health & safety programs;
  • Spill prevention control and countermeasure protocol;
  • Storm water pollution prevention procedures;
  • Spill prevention plans;
  • Sampling and analysis for storm water runoff;
  • Process hazard analysis;
  • Risk management plans;
  • Process safety analysis;
  • Management of change and mechanical integrity record keeping; and
  • Training and procedures on notifying the proper government agencies. 

ECI has developed and implemented Behavior- Based training on several topics such as surveys, evaluations, accident/injury investigation, and record keeping requirements. ECI has developed and implemented facility specific OSHA safety training classes, over 45,000 employee hours of training regarding OSHA topics: hearing protection, PPE, confined space, ladder and scaffold, heat/cold, ergonomics, forklift, bloodborne pathogens, as well as numerous other OSHA topics dealing with health and safety issues.  These topics were presented using a variety of teaching such as lecture, media presentation, workstation instruction, hands-on training, classroom discussion and evaluations.

Other health and safety issues have been addressed in training sessions; these include back injury prevention techniques, video terminal display hazards, job stress, workplace violence, hazardous communication, and HAZWOPER training. In addition, ECI provided training in risk management and security assessments for various facilities.

ECI provides security training, evaluation and recommendations for improving security measures in both domestic and international processing facilities. ECI develops and implements emergency and terrorism response and planning training. ECI has assembled a team of experts specializing in terrorism and emergency response, bio-safety & bio-security, as well as risk management and security and vulnerability assessments for the food & beverage processing industry pursuant to the Department of Homeland Security Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Regulations 6 CFR 27. ECI has personnel to address all compliance requirements of this new and important regulation.

In addition, ECI has assembled a team to provide supply chain food safety and security from The People’s Republic of China (mainland China). ECI has personnel in numerous cities in China with Science and Food Technology experience including Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) regulations/guidance. These personnel coupled with experienced investigators and due diligence experts allow ECI to thoroughly track/investigate the supply chain for human and pet consumption products or raw materials used in US food/beverage processing. ECI provides training in all of these aforementioned subjects.




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