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Plant Design : Construction through Start-up

ECI has supported the design and construction of numerous facilities and processes in many different countries and within the United States. ECI has provided many of these services in a turnkey project where ECI supplied all components of a construction project including the following:

  • Engineering design and cost analysis;
  • Permitting;
  • Agency negotiations;
  • Financial analysis;
  • Funding through multilateral lending institutions;
  • Construction management; and
  • Start-up management.

ECI assisted a US manufacturer design, construct, and staff a 54,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Kushan, near Shanghai.  Prior to ECI’s involvement the US based manufacturer had hired a number of design and construction companies to implement their plans. ECI recommended using other companies and worked closely with the US manufacturer to make certain the firing of the originally hired companies would not interfere with the construction process.  In China many of these companies are owned by the local authorities or by politically entrenched individuals (extremely non-transparent) and firing of these companies can bring a construction project to a very quick halt. ECI’s understanding of these issued allowed the construction project to continue on a schedule approved by the US based manufacturer. ECI provided engineering support for the design institute designing the building and designing the wastewater treatment system and piping to meet stringent (more so than in the US) discharge standards. ECI provided construction oversight to protect the US client and insure the building was properly constructed using approved materials and construction techniques that are cost effective.

ECI had numerous meetings and provided strategic planning at a large facility under construction in Pudong near Shanghai, by a United States based company. The Pudong facility was the first of its kind in all of China where catalytic converter substrates for vehicles were to be manufactured. ECI discussed wastewater discharge, air emissions, and solid waste disposal compliance strategies with corporate personnel and construction management personnel. The facility was permitted and built, meeting all compliance regulations issued by the government of China.

ECI accompanied a CEO and technical support staff of a $50 million United States (New York) based company to Hangzhou for the potential purchase of a local Chinese company with three (3) existing manufacturing plants. ECI discovered that the Chinese company was selling the two (2) manufacturing facilities that did not have a permit to construct pressure vessels. The US based company required the manufacturing of pressure vessels and the Chinese company’s strategy would have used the third manufacturing facility (still under the ownership of the Chinese) to supply the US based company the final approved/permitted pressure vessel. Once discovered, this arrangement was unacceptable to the US based company and the purchase of the two (2) manufacturing faculties did not go through.

ECI provided the technical expertise for the Hangzhou Regional Hazardous Waste Management Project. ECI provided on-site review and evaluation of the existing pilot scale rotary kiln hazardous waste incineration system that was designed by a joint German and Chinese engineering team. ECI provided recommendations for the large-scale rotary kiln system that was to be installed. ECI personnel made numerous recommendations and redesigned the entire rotary kiln incineration system including the feed system, rotary kiln, secondary combustion and conditioning chambers, incorporated a spray dryer absorber and baghouse to eliminate the steam plume, and increased the size of the induced draft fan to eliminate positive pressure/draft problems. The improved design and operations for the large-scale system was based on findings from the pilot scale system that ECI reviewed and evaluated and the extensive expertise of ECI personnel. For the same facility, ECI designed a medical waste incinerator complete with feed system, airlocks, primary and secondary combustions chambers, air pollution control system, and ash handling system, and PLC controls system. ECI provided a design and estimated costs for a plasma torch unit for destruction of PCBs. ECI incorporated the current wastewater treatment equipment located at the facility in a design that will provide treatment for numerous waste streams: cyanide, hydrogen fluoride, acids, hexavalent chromium, aqueous organics, inorganics/metals, etc. The wastewater treatment design allowed for the expansion of the facility in the future, if needed. ECI developed process flows for recycling/reusing white goods (i.e., refrigerators, washers, dryers, ranges/stoves, dishwashers, air conditioners, and microwaves), electronics (i.e., monitors, CPUs, televisions, printers, faxes, scanners, copiers, typewriters mainframes, keyboards, etc.), chlorofluorocarbons, and fluorescent lights.

ECI personnel led a multi-national team comprising staff from the United States, China and Germany in the performance of a manufacturing facility process and regulatory evaluation at the Beijing Glass Instrument Factory (BGIF), to support a proposed joint venture between BGIF and Schott Glaswerke. ECI personnel supported the Chinese client during numerous meetings with the Schott Glaswerke vice presidents in charge of legal counsel and Asian product development. The facility consisted of a coal gasification system that allowed the facility to generate coal gas for use in heating the glass melting furnaces. ECI personnel provided technical review of the coal gasification system and glass melting operations.
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