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Excavation and Disposal

Environmental Compliance, Inc. (ECI) provides turnkey operations and management oversight for excavation and disposal of underground storage tanks, contaminated soils and groundwater. ECI will negotiate the extent of the agency-required excavation on behalf of ECI’s client and supply the labor, materials, and equipment to properly excavate, contain, or mitigate any contamination.

To provide a least-cost solution ECI negotiates on-behalf of the client, agency requirements, many of which are negotiable. ECI will ensure that the proper documentation and sampling/analysis are provided and the impacted area/property is approved by the agency for “No further action required”.

ECI has provided a NYS facility (i.e., with petroleum contaminated soils from an UST) with bio-cell design, construction, operations & maintenance, and final disposition of the contaminated soils. The contaminated soils were discovered during an excavation project (i.e., building foundation excavation) and the NYSDEC was notified and opened a spill investigation/number. ECI recognized the soils as fill from a foundry/steel production operation and site UST that may have leaked. The soils were highly contaminated with oil/solvents. ECI worked closely with the client and the NYSDEC to obtain on-site bio-cell design approval. ECI then provided the remediation project turnkey; supplying construction of the bio-cell and operations and maintenance of the bio-cell including sampling/analysis until the remediation effort was completed and the “spill” removed from the agency’s books. ECI provided all documentation for this “spill” remediation effort.

ECI provided the turnkey remediation of a NYSDEC spill investigation/number for a fleet trucking and truck maintenance garage. The UST was most recently used as a storage tank for used oil. ECI has provided turnkey services to treat the soils and groundwater in-situ and provide spill investigation/number documentation for the NYSDEC. ECI has injected biological bacteria and nutrients into the monitoring well from 2007 through 2009 and have provided sampling/analysis and written documentation to the NYSDEC during this time period. During the mid summer of 2009 the client decided to excavate the oil-contaminated soils/stone that surrounded the oil tank. ECI provided the management/oversight, sampling/analysis, disposal, and documentation to receive a “No further action required” letter from the DEC.

ECI provided turnkey closure and remediation services for a gasoline UST removal and remediation project in Western New York. The UST was installed in the 1940s and lost its integrity causing a spill of gasoline. ECI designed the removal and remediation effort providing negotiations with the NYSDEC. ECI provided sampling/analysis and excavation of contaminated soils and groundwater and their transportation and disposal in addition to the excavation/removal and disposal of the UST. ECI developed significant documentation for this remediation effort including but not limited to a “Soil and Groundwater Management Plan”. The Soil and Groundwater Management Plan included all remedial investigation (i.e., sampling/analytical) results that had been completed to date for the property and was authored by ECI using the format provided by the DEC. The Soil and Groundwater Management Plan included the discussion of fill brought in for the property from a local foundry (i.e., using foundry sand for the fill). ECI discussed the sampling/analytical results with the DEC regarding the fill and UST remediation efforts. ECI submitted the Soil and Groundwater Management Plan. The client received a “No further action require” letter from the DEC.

ECI provided turnkey design, excavation, permitting, sampling/analysis, and closure for the environmental restoration of a NYSDEC classified spill in Buffalo, New York. ECI excavated the spill site that had been identified through use of a magnetometer and borings/sampling. ECI excavated the area taking precautions not to undermine the building foundation that abutted the excavation area. ECI disposed of the excavated soils and fill from the facility. ECI negotiated the sampling/analysis protocol with the NYDEC, interpreted the analytical results and received a “No further action” letter from the NYSDEC on behalf of ECI’s client.

ECI provided a client with the turnkey removal and disposal of two gasoline USTs that were buried in the 1960s at a very prominent location in the Town of Tonawanda, New York. ECI worked closely with the DEC and local Inspector to remove the USTs and provide remediation for the site; this included the removal of 1,750 gallons of groundwater from the USTs, excavation of the two tanks, excavation of 60 tons of contaminated soils/fill, and disposal of the groundwater and soil. ECI negotiated with the DEC the extent of the sampling required and provided sampling and analysis of the remaining soils. The client received a “No further action” letter from the DEC.




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